Installing JSAN Libraries Locally

Installing the JSAN Shell

The JSAN Shell can be used to ease the installation of JSAN code. It is distributed on CPAN, but you can also download it here.

Download the JSAN Shell

However, it is recommended that you install this software from CPAN because the CPAN shell will manage the Perl module dependencies required to get your shell to run. To install from CPAN, run the following shell command.

perl -MCPAN -e'install "JSAN"'

Updating your JSAN Index

You must run the index command. Run the following shell command.

jsan index

Installing Libraries

Now you're ready to install some JSAN libraries.

The JSAN Shell does not assume a particular location for installing JSAN libraries. You must specify your installation prefix or JSAN won't install anything. There are two ways to do that. The first is with the --prefix option. The second is by setting the JSAN_PREFIX environment variable. Here are examples of each. The environment example is based on valid Bash Shell syntax.

jsan --prefix=/usr/local/js
JSAN_PREFIX=/usr/local/js jsan

Now run the install command. This time I'm using the -p prefix option short cut.

shell> jsan -p /usr/local/js install JSAN
/dist/c/cw/cwest/JSAN-0.04.tar.gz -> /tmp/xkAU2XT95W/JSAN-0.04.tar.gz
Unpacking JSAN-0.04.tar.gz
Installing libraries to /usr/local/js